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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tag Tuesday #1

Hey everyone!

I have decided, that from now on, every other Tuesday, I will do some tag or quiz that I have received, so you can learn a little more about me! Today's tag came from my friend Sammy in an e-mail. So here we go!

 1. When is your birthday? February 2 

  2. Do you have your own camera? Yes!

3. Do you have your own cell phone? Nope

4. Do you have any posters on your walls? Yes, it's an AG poster that says "True Blue Friends" and it has two dolphins on it

5. Do you have a bookcase in your bedroom? Yes

6. Do you have a bedside lamp? No

7. Do you like elves and dragons? Not particularly, I'm more into fairies

8. Have you ever punched anyone? Only fake punch in cappoierra class at dance intensive

9. Swords or bows and arrows? bows and arrows

10. Do you have any framed pictures on your walls? If so, how many? They aren't exactly "Framed" but I have a picture of my 3rd Grade Wednesday Night Church Class, 4th Grade Small Group, and 4th grade Catechism class in CD case picture frames, and a picture of my friends and I eating snowcones and VBS two years ago in a binder clip.

11. Do you like where you live? yeah

12. Do you have a diary? Yes, but I don't really write in it.

13. Did you meet a new friend? Not today, no

14. Boots or Flip flops? Boots! Flip Flops are bad for your joints!

15. What is your favorite color on a car? Not quite silver, not quite gold.

16. Do you have any scars? Yeah.. lots of acne scars and I have a few blister and floor burn remains from dance

17. Hot or cold? Hot

18. Are you a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper? I am a VERY heavy sleeper

19. Which is your favorite PC game? I don't really play PC games

20. Do you like action? Um... I don't really understand what you mean. I guess so...

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  1. Cool! We have a lot in common! I'm a very light sleeper though..lol but I don't have a cell phone! Why are people so obsessed with them anyway? Hehe.



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