"It's what I've always wanted to do, to show the laughter, the fun, the joy of dance." ~Martha Graham

Thursday, April 29, 2010

BURSTING WITH HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay, I'll just tell you the story. So yesterday we got our schedules for next year. WELL.... I'M IN BALLET 3X\4, MODERN 3, AND INTERMEDIATE TAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I expected intermediate tap (that's what the whole class got), wasn't sure about ballet, BUT WAS SO SURE I WAS GOING TO BE IN MODERN 2 AGAIN... I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO SCREAM WHEN I SAW MODERN 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's really exciting, is that they are changing the modern program (they took out modern 5) so now, Modern 2 is like 3, and 3 is like 4.... SO I PRACTICALLY SKIPPED A LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!! AND, I'm in the 2nd highest modern level at the studio!!!!!!!!

So that's mostly all I have to post about... I did have tap last night, but I will probably do the status update on Saturday so I can do my ballet classes along with it!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Creative Movement Costume!!!

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. There is very little to update... But first I want to show you something!

I think that this is what the little kids are wearing. ISN'T IT CUTE???? I LOVE IT!

Oh, and the reason I know that, is because I saw one of the older girls carrying in a stack of costumes and wings. All I saw was that the bags with the dresses said A Wish Come True, and that the costumes were green and pink, and the wings were pink. So this morning I immediately hopped onto the A Wish Come True website. And searched for that costume!!!!!!

I really hope that is what the creative movement I help with gets wear!

So for costume updates:
Tap: There are blue sequins on the leotard and skirt, and a matching blue sequined head band. It came with and extra strand of blue sequins, which since the leotard has only 1 tank strap, we will probably sew the blue sequin strand onto the leotard for an extra sleeve.

Modern: We took ours home yesterday :(.

Ballet: STILL NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I haven't been doing status updates for this, but my little bro got his costume yesterday. It is a cheetah print shirt, with a necklace that has really long spikes on it. Problem is, they will be doing stalls, and handstands. So me and my friend Rebecca think they are going to poke there eye out with the necklace.

Then for choreography:

Modern: It's going MUCH better. We have a good way into the dance. I think I may have told you that we start behind a white screen with the lights on it, so you can only see our shadows. Then we come in front of it and do the rest of our dance. Personally, I wish we could stay behind the scrim rather than dying of embarassment.

Tap: We haven't had class since I last posted

Ballet 3 Thu: We haven't had class since I last posted

Ballet 3 Sat: It's pretty awesome! We do a really cool port de bras, that is VERY pretty!!!!! We also do a thing, (bear with me if you don't understand!) where we do a chasses, then a saute arabesque. And my teacher wants the boy to hold one of the shorter girl's waist. Unfortunately, my teacher thinks he will be to shy to do it. I don't blame him. I'd be shy to if I had just moved from Japan, was the only girl in my class, and could hardly speak any english.

So that's about it... Have to get ready for tap class now!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Recital Updates


Costume wise:
Modern: We tried our costumes on on Tuesday. WE LOOK LIKE IDIOTS WHO WALKED OUT OF A DR.SEUSS BOOK!

Tap: We tried them on AND took them home! They were a wee bit awkward when we tried them on without tights cause they are kind of short... But they are CUTE!!! Sorry, no pictures :(

Ballet: WE HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Choreography wise:

Modern: Our dance is really funny, and fun to do in the studio WITH NO EMBARRASING COSTUME ON! But we are a fairly good way into it.

Tap: We added some new choreography on Wednesday, but it's really fast and hard. Good news is, is that when we can get it to the right speed it will look like we are really impressive tap dancers. (More impressive than we really are! LOL!)

Ballet Thu: REALLY WELL! Miss Kayley (the director) watched us practice our dance once, and she thought it looked really nice! If Miss Kayley says it's good, it must be good!

Ballet Sat: Supposively we are half-way done. We unfortunately don't get to dance very much though :(. At least I'm in 2 ballet dances.

That's about it! Hopefully I'll have more to say on Saturday or Sunday after ballet class!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dear Me...

We know what we are wearing for modern!!!!!!!!!! GREAT HUH?!?!?! Great until you see what we are wearing (don't forget this is the shadow dance)

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!! IT'S SO AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone, be glad you go to wherever you take dance, where they don't make you wear full body unitards!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the recital status:
Modern:It's getting better. We added a lot to our dance last night.
Tap:Haven't been to class yet this week
Ballet 3 Thu:Haven't been to class yet this week
Ballet 3 Sat:Haven't been to class yet this week

Helpful, I know.

The teachers are trying to determine our placement for next year. I don't like them going over there notebooks!!!!!!!! It's annoying!!!!!!!!

Let's just say I had a mistake on my schedule last year. It said I was supposed to stay in Tap 2, and EVERYONE ELSE moved up. Including the little 8 year old girl (she's 10 now). And my teacher had meant to move everybody up, so like every week until we were done for the year, she was like: "I am so excited, because I moved everybody in this class up. So I really hope you all take tap again next year. Tap 3 is a ton of fun! BLA BLA BLA!" So you can imagine how it felt to be poor me listening to all this.

Then when my mom went to register me, she was talking to the director. And my mom told her about what my tap teacher had said. The director didn't think that the tap teacher would say that if there was a girl who DIDN'T move up. So she called my tap teacher, and my tap teacher said I was supposed to move up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When my mom told me at home, I felt like screaming I was so happy!

Anyway, now ya know why I'm not eager to getting schedules next month!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Not much to say...

Hey guys,
Sorry that I don't have much to post about... this is going to happen again over the summer (until dance intensive...) Since there is not really any dance over spring break, there is practically nothing to post about.

ANYWAY... I wanted to share this picture that I took at dance concert earlier this year. Dance concert is an advanced student concert and company and the advanced classes dance. Also the older girls get to choreograph a dance and audition the younger girls to pick people to perform their choreography at dance concert.

I COULD have done company but I was at the very minimal age to get in, so I decided to hold off a year (at least). I WAS going to audition for the Student pieces, but missed the auditions (nobody told us when they were!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) And only one of my classes was considered advanced (how it modern 2 considered advanced?) All my other classes are considered intermediate.

So I took my camera, and took 96 pictures, of girls hanging out backstage, talking backstage, stretching in the warm up room, one class practicing there dance in the warm up room, doing there hair and makeup in the dressing room, us being all nervous in the wings, even a few pictures of girls dancing onstage.

Well that's about it.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fastest Post EVER!!!!!!!

Okay, so I have 2 minutes to write this post, because I have to leave for ballet class!!!!

So I don't have much to write about because it is spring break. I know what you are thinking... "Wait a minute, didn't she just say that she had to leave for ballet class?" Yes, I did say that! We had snow days a while back, but so many classes got missed, that some of the makeups had to be done on Spring Break.

I don't have much to post about because it's only 2 classes, and we aren't working on the recital for those....

ANYWAY!!!!!!! The reason I wanted to post today, was because I just HAD to tell ya'll that yesterday at pointe class, we got to do stuff in the center FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! That's all!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

STILL!!!!! No sign of costumes


BUT, I did have a dream last night that someone posted pictures of the costumes on the bulletin board. I vegally remember what my ballet costume looks like. And I remember going up to my friend and saying: "Look ****, they put up pictures of the costumes." (I didn't want to say my friends name, NO it wasn't Carmel!!!)

Choreography.... is... going PRETTY well.

Tap status, I don't feel like we get to actually tap dance enough. We have to do our dance with tap 2. My teacher is giving us a special part at the beginning to do fancier stuff, but I don't feel like she is using it to our best ability.

Ballet Thu. status, it's going pretty well. My teacher is feeling very stressed out with it though. We have a good start on our dance. Unfortunately, remember when I said me and my two friends get to do the first steps together? Well, we are the slightly more advanced girls in the class (Because we are also in 3x), so when we ask my teacher questions, she says, work that out with your trio. But some things, we can't make work without changing the choreography. We OBVIOUSLY can't change the choreography. I think that once we get to the HUGE stage, some this will work out.

Ballet Sat. status, We aren't very far, but we have a good firm start. All we've really done is entered, but it looks really pretty. And it's very clean.

Modern status, ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY AWFUL!!!! The director told my teacher what our costumes were to look like, gave her the song, and the basic idea of the dance. She doesn't like ANY of it. So she hasn't been puting that much effort into the dance. Biggest problem is, is that at the beginning we are supposed to be EXACTLY together. Sooooooooooooo, ummmmmmmmmm, That's not gonna happen.

Well, I'm sure it will all work out in the end. :)