"It's what I've always wanted to do, to show the laughter, the fun, the joy of dance." ~Martha Graham

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Piece of my Novel

“Yes, I just wish I could dance.” I said.

“Well try!” Nia suggested.

“Are you sure?”

“Go ahead!”

                I tried my hardest to do my favorite adagio, it wasn’t going very well, and when I got to the attitude promenade, I just gave up. Dancing felt good, but at the same time it didn’t.

                “See!” I shrugged “I can’t dance without bending my knee.”

                “But,” Nia began “You were envisioning it in your head, and it just did not transfer to your feet. But were you dancing from your heart? Were you envisioning it from your head down to you heart?” I thought about this for a moment. Yes! That is what made it feel good.

                “Yes, I suppose.”

                “And what about when you were little. You’ve told me about watching the older girls come about of the ballet studio in the afternoons. Surely you tried some of the steps that they did! Were you really truly dancing with your feet?”

                “No, I guess not.”

                “So you see. What were you doing?”

                “I was dancing from my head to my heart.”

                “Now you understand. That is where dancing begins.”

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

To a Special Friend...

Today is the Birthday of a VERY special friend
One whom I can't say I know
but she is a girl that will be a close friend forever
Now here I will show

She is special, she is pretty
She does wonderful Photography
She is sweet, She is amazing
She could write a great Biography

She loves Dolls
American Girl, Life of Faith, and Ginger Brook Hollow
I'm sure there are more
More than I can swallow

She sings like an Angel
her voice makes me happy
Her kindness, and patience,
They never get Snappy

She is always patient
like I just said
During lame poems
like the one being read

She is turning Fourteen
Today, I believe
I wanted to get something special
Something to retrieve

I couldn't think of anything
that would ever do
To help her understand
How ever special are you

This girl is really wonderful
I love her yes I do
Her name is Quinlyn Caroline
She is amazing and ever so true.