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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dear Me...

We know what we are wearing for modern!!!!!!!!!! GREAT HUH?!?!?! Great until you see what we are wearing (don't forget this is the shadow dance)

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!! IT'S SO AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone, be glad you go to wherever you take dance, where they don't make you wear full body unitards!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the recital status:
Modern:It's getting better. We added a lot to our dance last night.
Tap:Haven't been to class yet this week
Ballet 3 Thu:Haven't been to class yet this week
Ballet 3 Sat:Haven't been to class yet this week

Helpful, I know.

The teachers are trying to determine our placement for next year. I don't like them going over there notebooks!!!!!!!! It's annoying!!!!!!!!

Let's just say I had a mistake on my schedule last year. It said I was supposed to stay in Tap 2, and EVERYONE ELSE moved up. Including the little 8 year old girl (she's 10 now). And my teacher had meant to move everybody up, so like every week until we were done for the year, she was like: "I am so excited, because I moved everybody in this class up. So I really hope you all take tap again next year. Tap 3 is a ton of fun! BLA BLA BLA!" So you can imagine how it felt to be poor me listening to all this.

Then when my mom went to register me, she was talking to the director. And my mom told her about what my tap teacher had said. The director didn't think that the tap teacher would say that if there was a girl who DIDN'T move up. So she called my tap teacher, and my tap teacher said I was supposed to move up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When my mom told me at home, I felt like screaming I was so happy!

Anyway, now ya know why I'm not eager to getting schedules next month!


  1. oh, that is a sad outfit. poor outfit, i am sure somebody loves you :) are you sure you have to wear that??


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