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Saturday, April 3, 2010

STILL!!!!! No sign of costumes


BUT, I did have a dream last night that someone posted pictures of the costumes on the bulletin board. I vegally remember what my ballet costume looks like. And I remember going up to my friend and saying: "Look ****, they put up pictures of the costumes." (I didn't want to say my friends name, NO it wasn't Carmel!!!)

Choreography.... is... going PRETTY well.

Tap status, I don't feel like we get to actually tap dance enough. We have to do our dance with tap 2. My teacher is giving us a special part at the beginning to do fancier stuff, but I don't feel like she is using it to our best ability.

Ballet Thu. status, it's going pretty well. My teacher is feeling very stressed out with it though. We have a good start on our dance. Unfortunately, remember when I said me and my two friends get to do the first steps together? Well, we are the slightly more advanced girls in the class (Because we are also in 3x), so when we ask my teacher questions, she says, work that out with your trio. But some things, we can't make work without changing the choreography. We OBVIOUSLY can't change the choreography. I think that once we get to the HUGE stage, some this will work out.

Ballet Sat. status, We aren't very far, but we have a good firm start. All we've really done is entered, but it looks really pretty. And it's very clean.

Modern status, ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY AWFUL!!!! The director told my teacher what our costumes were to look like, gave her the song, and the basic idea of the dance. She doesn't like ANY of it. So she hasn't been puting that much effort into the dance. Biggest problem is, is that at the beginning we are supposed to be EXACTLY together. Sooooooooooooo, ummmmmmmmmm, That's not gonna happen.

Well, I'm sure it will all work out in the end. :)

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