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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Creative Movement Costume!!!

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. There is very little to update... But first I want to show you something!

I think that this is what the little kids are wearing. ISN'T IT CUTE???? I LOVE IT!

Oh, and the reason I know that, is because I saw one of the older girls carrying in a stack of costumes and wings. All I saw was that the bags with the dresses said A Wish Come True, and that the costumes were green and pink, and the wings were pink. So this morning I immediately hopped onto the A Wish Come True website. And searched for that costume!!!!!!

I really hope that is what the creative movement I help with gets wear!

So for costume updates:
Tap: There are blue sequins on the leotard and skirt, and a matching blue sequined head band. It came with and extra strand of blue sequins, which since the leotard has only 1 tank strap, we will probably sew the blue sequin strand onto the leotard for an extra sleeve.

Modern: We took ours home yesterday :(.

Ballet: STILL NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I haven't been doing status updates for this, but my little bro got his costume yesterday. It is a cheetah print shirt, with a necklace that has really long spikes on it. Problem is, they will be doing stalls, and handstands. So me and my friend Rebecca think they are going to poke there eye out with the necklace.

Then for choreography:

Modern: It's going MUCH better. We have a good way into the dance. I think I may have told you that we start behind a white screen with the lights on it, so you can only see our shadows. Then we come in front of it and do the rest of our dance. Personally, I wish we could stay behind the scrim rather than dying of embarassment.

Tap: We haven't had class since I last posted

Ballet 3 Thu: We haven't had class since I last posted

Ballet 3 Sat: It's pretty awesome! We do a really cool port de bras, that is VERY pretty!!!!! We also do a thing, (bear with me if you don't understand!) where we do a chasses, then a saute arabesque. And my teacher wants the boy to hold one of the shorter girl's waist. Unfortunately, my teacher thinks he will be to shy to do it. I don't blame him. I'd be shy to if I had just moved from Japan, was the only girl in my class, and could hardly speak any english.

So that's about it... Have to get ready for tap class now!

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