"It's what I've always wanted to do, to show the laughter, the fun, the joy of dance." ~Martha Graham

Monday, April 12, 2010

Not much to say...

Hey guys,
Sorry that I don't have much to post about... this is going to happen again over the summer (until dance intensive...) Since there is not really any dance over spring break, there is practically nothing to post about.

ANYWAY... I wanted to share this picture that I took at dance concert earlier this year. Dance concert is an advanced student concert and company and the advanced classes dance. Also the older girls get to choreograph a dance and audition the younger girls to pick people to perform their choreography at dance concert.

I COULD have done company but I was at the very minimal age to get in, so I decided to hold off a year (at least). I WAS going to audition for the Student pieces, but missed the auditions (nobody told us when they were!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) And only one of my classes was considered advanced (how it modern 2 considered advanced?) All my other classes are considered intermediate.

So I took my camera, and took 96 pictures, of girls hanging out backstage, talking backstage, stretching in the warm up room, one class practicing there dance in the warm up room, doing there hair and makeup in the dressing room, us being all nervous in the wings, even a few pictures of girls dancing onstage.

Well that's about it.

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