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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Costume letdown and a poem...

Unfortunately, we aren't getting that costume I showed earlier. We STILL haven't gotten to see are costumes yet.

All I know is:
For tap we have little blue dresses (???? We're INDIANS!!!)
For Ballet SOMETHING blue!
For Modern, I HAVE NO CLUE!!! (Hey that rhymes! For Ballet something blue, for modern I have no clue!)

We've started all our dances.
For tap we have the ugg-a-wugg song from the peter pan musical
For Ballet 3 Thu. We are dancing to a song from the nutcracker
For Ballet 3 Sat. We are dancing to a song from Cinderella (I think)
For Ballet 3x, Unfortunately we don't get to do a dance :(
For Modern we have THE most ridiculous song ever which makes you think of little girls wearing poodle skirts and holding giant rainbow lollipops.

So far my favorite dance is Ballet 3 thu. cause it's supposed to look like we are tinkerbell's friends and we are playing with her. Me and my 2 friends get to do the first steps together (well after tinkerbell calls us in.)

That's all the recital info!

Oh btw,
I found this really pretty poem which I made an animated picture of!
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  1. Oh, what a sweet little post! I love ballet and did it myself for five years.
    I love your pictures!
    I'm going to follow you for a while and see where this journey takes me!


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