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Monday, April 23, 2012

More Recital Stuff!

Recitals, you know how that goes.

From now until the show, I will be dancing 6 days a week. Which is the most I've ever done. Classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Then Rehearsals on Saturday. Well actually, as for Saturday it's a bunch of things.

This Saturday, we are dancing at a festival! I'm really excited, because we are dancing on the main stage, which is in the town circle in the middle of EVERYTHING, at 2:00 on a Saturday afternoon! PRIMETIME! *Fingers crossed for a HUGE audience!*

Next Saturday is our first lead cast run through! That is where the leadcast just runs the entire show. I'm really excited, but a tad bit nervous. It's my first year in the cast, and everyone is older than me (except the lead mice). Also, the director of our studio has never seen me dance en pointe. So she'll see me do that for the first time during the run through!

Saturday after that is Company Auditions. Not really anything to be nervous about. All they do is determine which company I'll be in. Hopefully I'll be in the top Company. :)

The next two Saturdays are more run throughs, then the next Saturday is THE SHOW!!!!!

So that's my schedule. As for a choreography update here we go:

Ballet: We are almost done, incredible since it's a 4 minute dance!

Pointe: I'm not exactly sure where we are at, but we are making decent time.

Jazz: I just remembered that I need to get one of my friends to teach me the rest of the choreography. I missed it for something exciting that doesn't have to do with dance (will be an upcoming post). We're doing very well though.

Modern: It's done! YAY! Very excited about that.

Tap: I have no idea what is going on with this dance. No Comment

Duet: We haven't started :P It's only 1:50, so it shouldn't be to bad.

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