"It's what I've always wanted to do, to show the laughter, the fun, the joy of dance." ~Martha Graham

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

13 Thinks I've Learned in Life

1. We shouldn't take things forgranted

2. You can make Friends with anyone

3. Sometimes you just have to take the good with the bad

4. When you smile, you feel less pain (literally, Try it next time you do bourres in the center en pointe!)

5. You don't have to cover yourself with makeup to be beautiful

6. The way to get true friends is to be a first-rate you, instead of a second-rate someone else

7. If you put your mind to something, you can do it.

8. Even if you don't always get something right the first time, go back and try again

9. Listen to adults, they are wiser than you

10. To get good at something, you have to practice

11. Trust in God, he will never let you down.

12. Never ever give up

13. A true dancer dances with her heart and not her feet


  1. I loved that! Very true. :-) I also love your backround!

  2. That was wonderful. Beautiful, and true.


  3. That's all true.
    Happy birthday!! :)


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