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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Leaving the Cold (LITERALLY!)

Do any of you remember THIS post?  Well in it, I explained that we were trying to get a new building. We were able to quickly sell the old one to the dance team next door, but we had a REALLY hard time getting the building permits on our new building.

In November 2010, we started renting our old building from the dance team who now owns it. Problem was, was that they needed the building by December, and our new one wasn't ready yet. So we then had to temporarily move into an ice rink that has a dance studio (the skaters take ballet to help improve their technique). The studio at the ice rink was FREEZING! Let's just say it was a floor with a mirror and a couple barres in a storage closet with no heat...

WELL NOW! Finally! We are in our new building! I LOVE IT!!! The lobby is bigger, the colors are brighter (Studio A is Purple and Gold & Studio B is Turquoise and Brown!). It is so worth the wait! And I'm so glad we are here now! Pictures coming soon!

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  1. I'm so glad you have a new studio! You had a different problem than we have at mine! Ours it too hot! We have *very* hot summers in AUS, and out studio only has a couple of old fans :D.
    It is very HOT!


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