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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Everything I Know About Recital

OK, so I know a good bit about recital now, so let me put everything down I know about.

Ballet 3 
What We Are: I think just girls with lollipops
Song: Valse Des Heures From "Coppelia" Act 3 by Delibes
Costume: "Fields of Flowers" Red Peasent Dress, by Curtain Call

Ballet 3x
What We Are: I'm not 100% sure, but I think It some how ties in with Ballet 3
Song: To my best knowlege, it has not been chosen yet
Costume: Same thing that we are wearing for Ballet 3

Ballet 4
What We Are: Again, I do not actually know
Song: Not positive, but my teacher said we are doing a Character dance to Vittorio Monti
Costume: AGAIN, No clue

What We Are: The Entrance of the big Candy Room
Song: An Insturmental version of "Pure Imagination"
Costume: "Ombre" Pink, Orange, and white dress, by Balera

What We Are: Golden Tickets :P
Song: "I've Got a Golden Ticket" Some random version that is really Jazzed up
Costume: Something Gold

What We Are: I don't know
Song: I don't know
Costume: I don't know

The Boy's Hip Hop Class (my brother's class)
What They Are: I'm not exactly sure, but they do something with Violet
Song: "Candy Girl" by Jackson 5
Costume: No signs yet :-/

P.S. I didn't post any Costume pictures, cause you've already seen them in Dance Concert Posts

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