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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

AAAAACK! Descisions :(

Ugh! Don't you hate having to make descisions? See, here's my dilemna: One of my super awesomely amazing friends invited me to her birthday party, but the problem is, it's the same night as the girls only lock-in at my church, which is my FAVORITE event of the year. I definitely want to go to my friend's birthday party (although I'm really sad to that I have to miss the Lock-in). But then, my friend wants me and two other girls to skip dance on Saturday morning. Well, you all know how dedicated I am to dance, and a makeup class isn't really an option because:

Normally, since I'm Ballet 4, they would have me go to either 3x or 4x but....

I'm in 3x so it wouldn't be a makeup

4x is during my tap class

So, then they just go to the closest level possible:

I'm in one of the Ballet 3 classes

The other one is during my ballet 4 class

Ballet  2 is during my Ballet 3 class

Ballet 1 is during my modern class

I help out with Pre-ballet

So the closest we could get is Creative Movement for ages 6-7 (LOL!) or, I'd have to go to Ballet 5, which is a little (OK, a lot) above my head.

So yeah, that's my dilemna. I'll probably talk to my friend and ask her what we'd actually be doing on Saturday, and see if I might be able to sneak out to ballet class.

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  1. This is a really tough decision. Hmm . . . I would go to the Lock-In, I wouldn't want to miss any dance classes. I hope this helps!



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