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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dance Fashion- Part 1, Ballet Attire

I don't follow fashion trends... It's just not my style... Well, with the exception of dance fashion, for the next couple posts, I will share some dance fashion tips. Today we will start with Ballet Attire. This will be super helpful to those lucky people out there who get to wear "Whatever they want". I have to wear a black leotard, light pink tights, and light pink ballet shoes. However, we can wear any style of leotard (as long as it's black), and do whatever we want in our hair. So here we go!

Leotards with beautiful patterns on the back are ALWAYS the way to go. They are also a fairly easy way to express yourself. A few studios have a school leotard, but most just have color guidelines.

This is probably the hardest to get away with, but if you are lucky, get some fun, colorful capri length tights! They are super fun, and you can get them in dozens of colors. Oh, but don't put them over your leotard like they do in this picture, it's rather 80's, but hardly vintage...

If your studio allows skirts, I'm eternally jelous of you. I would LOVE to wear skirts, but unfortunately, we can't. If you are allowed to, get something that describes your personality. You can get bright funky stripes, or you can get soft pastel roses, it's all up to you!

Finally, get a pretty flower to go in your bun! I LOVE flower hairclips, and most studios allow them, so give them a try! You can get all different kinds of flowers, so choose what suits you!

Finally, here you get to see my dream ballet class attire. I would love to wear this outfit to ballet class, unfortunately skirts and capri tights are not included in our dress code, and the outfit comes to a total of about $50... Oh well.


P.S. If you are feeling super brave, check out Grishko for some awesome pointe shoes!
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  1. right. I need those pointe shoes. Even If I don't do pointe. However, I can go full pointe because it helps with Irish Hardshoe. ;) All the same...I need the yellow pair! Oooh...Is there green? :D

  2. Haha, yep! They make them in like, 8 colors! I want the teal ones!

  3. Loved this post! I'm going all out with leotards this year (because last year I didn't really want to wear them to jazz/tap/lyrical class! Why? I haven't a clue!), and I have one with a cool back to it! It's red, and I really like it. :) I can't wait for more of these posts!

    P.S.- I NEED those pointe shoes! I'm growing out of mine!! :O


  4. I really like the black ones, too. They look really striking...sorta like ghillies I guess :P
    My uniform when I did ballet and Jazz was boring. Plain black Leo (no decoration allowed), pink tights for ballet, black jazz pants for jazz, beige leather split sole ballet shoes...boring.


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