"It's what I've always wanted to do, to show the laughter, the fun, the joy of dance." ~Martha Graham

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Life is full of Wonderfulness


Let's just start by stating the obvious. We had sooooooooooo much fun! Here are a couple of pictures that should do no harm to anybody.

Hanging out in the "big room" as we called it.

Practicing Hip Hop

Drawing Pictures

Playing Card Games

Learning to Fly?

I think I did really well, and I can't think of any mistakes really other than being a little (OK really,) shaky during character on Friday night. I have decided to get the Saturday night DVD because that is when my Creative Movement class danced, and I think I did better overall. Here are some funny\awesome things that happened.

We all wanted to play peanut butter\BS, but of course we don't like what BS stands for so we started coming up with funny things to say instead, we came up with Bobby Stewart, Beautiful Sunshine, Bologne Sandwich, and someone said Burger Souflee, I thought they said Booger Souflee, so we all started joking about Booger Souflee, and I wouldn't be surprised if we were still on the topic of Booger Souflee when we go back to class in the fall.

My ballet teacher always gives up a piece of chocolate with a sticker on the wrapper before the show. This year he decided to give us a piece for every class of his that we take, and he said that I got the most chocolate of everybody, because I was in 3 of his classes!

I was the last one out of the big room with all there stuff at dress rehearsal and both recitals... I'm very slow, and I check a million times to make sure I had all the pieces from all 5 stinkin' costumes

The girl playing the candyman had a tray full of REAL candy, so after the show we got to take it apart and eat all the candy.

The best part of the whole show, of course, was winning the "Young Dancer Award". On Friday night, I got a certificate (which you saw in the previous post), and a plaque on Saturday.

(yes, I scratched out my last name)


  1. Oi, I love recital times! :D I am also always the last person out of the dressing rooms! XD I am so slow, and then I have to check and check and check. I had . . . five costumes this year, also! {Tap, jazz, lyrical, ballet/pointe, and hip-hop.} I am probably not taking hip-hop next year, I didn't have a great year, even though my teacher was amazing! :D Sorry for that little ramble/rant.

    So, just great job, it sounds like you had an awesome time!


  2. Jasmine, Congratulations! How wonderful to win an award. I loved hearing about the recital. I love your pictures, especially flying! Sylvia

  3. I agree with Sylvia, I love the flying pic! And congrats again on the award!



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