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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to All!!!

   Merry CHRISTmas! What a beautiful day it is. I kept thinking it was really sunny because it has been such a sweet morning but I just looked out the window and it's grey and rainy. I still feel sunny and cheerful though! Anyway, here's what I got:

Soul Surfer on DVD

A Curling Iron
Heat Protector Spray
A CD case (for my recital DVDs)
AG Pretty and Plaid Outfit
AG Ballet Outfit
AG Addy's Flower Picking Dress
AG Red Polar Bear Sweater Set (it was an exclusive)

A Book about Ballet (it looks really nice to!)

A Black Leotard

Things to put in my dance bag to make it not so smelly
A Ballerina Picture Frame

Ballerina Band-aids (ROFL! I don't know where "Santa" found them!)

Flower Hair Clips

Frog Socks
A TON of Candy

Smiley face toe-tape

Slipper Socks

Red Scarf

Gray knee socks with pink snow flakes

A Candle (from my tap teacher)

and my favorite thing....

I got a BEAUTIFUL Eggplant Purple Leotard! It's so pretty! I won't be able to wear it very often, because our dress code is black, but I *might* be able to wear it for my long pointe class, and I'll be able to wear it for special things like Dance intensives and Conferences. I love it soooo much!

I normally ask for something big, like a new bike, a sewing machine, or an MP3 Player, but this year there was nothing big that I wanted, so I just asked for a ton of little things.

Also, tomorrow we are leaving for Indiana, and we have our big family get together, and I am getting another present there. I am hoping for a 72 color eyeshadow and blush pallette, but I also put a Kohls gift card on the list :)

I have to leave for church now! Merry Christmas!

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