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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nice Knowing You.... 2011

 Wow, I can't believe 2011 is over. So many things have changed, I am pretty different now then at the beginning of 2011. Last year I did monthly year highlights, and now I like to go back and read that post. I love that post so much that I'm gonna do it again this year (with a little more detail).

January: Moving into our new dance studio building. My dance studio has rented a suite for a long time, and another dance studio moved in next door. Long story short, them being next door made us look bad, so we moved into a new building down the street. It didn't come quite that easy, the other studio bought our studio from us so that they could have more space. They needed the space before our building was ready. So we spent all December and most of January renting a little tiny dance studio in a storage closet in the back of a sports complex. Yep, that was not much fun, but yep, it was so worth it. Starting with the fact that we have our own back lot where we can hang out when it's warm...

February: Becoming a Teenager. I enjoy it thoroughly! Everything from more freedom of where I can go with my friends (I wasn't allowed to ride my bike to Baskin Robbins when I was 12!), to belting out Demi Lovato songs when I'm home alone (I'm a terrible singer) or with my little brother (he's a terrible singer to, so he understands). I also love just getting to be, crazy, outgoing, which is sooo much fun!

March: My first Blogiversery! I am so thankful for all the people who read my blog, and got me through 1 going on 2 years!

April: I finally got my parents to agree to let me audition for the Company. Nothing more to say, other than I WAS SOOO EXCITED!

May: Dressing in our nicest dresses and going to Subway with a bunch of dance friends, well, then we we went to see my ballet teacher dance in Cinderella. It was so wondeful, and when my teacher came out in his ugly stepsister costume I was laughing so hard that I was crying. It was really funny!

June: Winning the Young Dancer Award at my dance recital. It was one of the most proud moments of my life. It means the world to me that my teachers all saw potential in me, I look at my plaque almost everyday, and it makes me smile everytime I look at it.

July: Dance intensive at our studio. It was incredible, the classes weren't the best ever, but oh my goodness did we all have an amazing time. There is no better time to get to know eachother then dancing 6 hours a day everyday together for two weeks. We have so many memories and inside jokes left over from dance intensive. Everybody became so much closer through it.

August: My First Company Performance. I got to dance out in public for the first time, we danced at a mall Fair. The stage was so tiny, and so slippery, and dancing on it was so hard and scary. However, I look back on it, and I had an awesome time. As for the stage, it's something to laugh about (until we have to dance on it next year!!!)

September: Going to Washington DC with my family. It was an amazing experiance. I saw and learned so much. Quick funny story about the trip. I had a friend who was going to DC the same week with her school, and we joked about how funny it would be if we saw eachother in the middle of the Smithsonian. Well, Tuesday afternoon of our trip, we were going to the food court in the Museum of American History, and I hear someone say "Boo!" behind me. I turned around, and lo and behold, it was my friend!!!! It was soo funny, and just in case you don't know, the Museum of American History is part of the Smithsonian Museums.

October: Going to the dance conference, once again, amazing bonding time with all the girls at my studio. It's funny, cause there were girls who are in the company that I never talk to, but when we are the only ones from our studio in a class, you of course talk to them and it helps you get to know them better. It was really great.

November: Moved up to Tap 4. This was the first time that I have ever moved up partway through the year. I was sooo happy, and I still am! I love tap 4, and it's much for challenging and fun! Also, I got to move up to Pointe 5 because of Tap, and Pointe 5 is really fun to!

December: Here's some news that I haven't shared with you guys about yet that I'm totally stoked about. So you know how we do our little storyline for our recitals. Well, the lead cast comes from the girls in the company. I didn't think I would get in because it's my first year in company, and not everybody gets a role. But.... I DID MAKE THE LEADCAST! I'm going to be a Princess in the ballroom scene from another country. I'm doing a pointe duet with another girl!!!!! I'm sooo happy!!!

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