"It's what I've always wanted to do, to show the laughter, the fun, the joy of dance." ~Martha Graham

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Only 3 more days!!!!!

Wow! Only three more days till CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!

What's another fun part of Christmas? Well, Christmas wouldn't be complete without a cheesey Christmas dance in at least 1 class! When I say Cheesey, I mean like Jazz hands and kick line cheesey!

We had Monday classes this week, because we missed do to snow. For tap, my teacher couldn't make it, so one of the College girls (who is on Christmas break) came to teach! The class was really easy, but we did the same warm-up from our old teacher, and all our favorite combinations from her! And then comes the cheesey Christmas dance.

The dance was to "All I Want for Christmas is You" (I don't know what version), it started with lip syncing, followed by jazz hands, and finished off by a kickline! It was so fun!


  1. Sounds like fun! :-D At our dance class, we all got to make up a dance routine and turn it in to two dances in small groups. It was SO mcuh fun, and a great way to end our dance season before Christmas break!

  2. We did that with my old tap teacher! I miss her :(


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