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Thursday, December 2, 2010


                                                       Check out this new "trend".

What they are: They are called "ballet boots". As you can see, it's a pointe shoe, with a heel, and laces down the front.

How I feel about them: Personally, I find them tacky, and not to mention DANGEROUS! I mean, you have to have a couple years of dance training to go en pointe, and even then, you have to slowly build up strength to be en pointe for a long time. Thus, most likely, dancers won't wear these, just normal people. They will fall, and break there ankle VERY easily.


  1. The things people come up with these days. I mean, Pointe shoes are pretty! those things look like death in a can. "Oh, I'll be fine! It's just shoes! Whoah, whoaaaaah AHHHHHH!"

  2. mm, i've seen these before, they're quite controversial.
    there was one fashion show where they had similar shoes and three models flat out refused to do the show because of the shoes.

  3. Those make me . . . sick! I mean, they're so tacky and dangerous and just flat out GROSS! I mean, this is stupid! :-( Pointe shoes are beautiful and they should not be replaced by these ugly terrors on your feet!

  4. Those do look a little scary! I mean...a lot scary!!! Wow. Proper poite shoes are so pretty, but these - like you said - look tacky!

  5. woah.. just woah.. pointe looks like it hurts bad enough, but at least pointe shoes you can come down from.. these you are stuck in! wow. :)



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