"It's what I've always wanted to do, to show the laughter, the fun, the joy of dance." ~Martha Graham

Friday, December 3, 2010

Re-taking this Quiz!

You might remember THIS post. Well I was reading over this, and thought I might do this quiz again! Things have changed since July!!!

You know You are a Dancer When...

...Dance is life and the rest is just spare time.

... You walk with your feet turned out subconsciously

... Your vocabulary includes Band-Aids, wedgies, sweat, tape, determination, and guts!

... You sit in a straddle when you are watching TV

.... You have blisters on your feet for life.

... Your friends are covering up their zits while you try to hide your ugly feet.

... You use rosin more than soap.

... You sit in a straddle when on the floor....comfortably.

...You have more Band-Aids on your feet from dance than holes in Swiss cheese! (let's just say I COMPLETELY beat up my feet at modern. Explanation later)

...People mistake you for a rubber band.

... Your body cracks loud enough to stop class but you don’t hear it.

...Pirouette and fouette are the two main words in your vocabulary.

... Your feet have more blisters than toes.

... You stand turn out in PE classes

... You pointe you toes even during sit-ups.

... You dance down the hallway instead of walk.

... You use empty hallways to practice grand jete.

... You do grande jetes in the parking lot and down the streets.

... You know most barres aren’t in jails.

...”Practice makes perfect” isn’t just a saying, but a way of life.

...All your friends are eating dinner while you are in class.

... You do plies and tendues while waiting in line.

...Watching TV is not a time to relax, it is a time to stretch

... Your parents work two jobs to pay for private lessons.

... You perform calmly before crowds yet suffer anxiety during school tests.

... You are well coordinated in class but trip over your own feet walking

...A new leotard makes you whole day

...Every hard floor is like a place for practicing.

... You know the frog isn’t an animal, but a stretch.

... You use every handrail you see for practicing your fouettes.

... Your dad bought stock in Band-Aid.

... You actually sit up straight in your chair at school.

... You hear classical music and you need to dance.

... You actually DREAM of wearing those heavy, expensive, netting-ridden tutus.

... You don’t dance for a week, and even your brother notices.

...The top shelf in your closet is stuffed with your old and dance shoes. (Well more like bottom drawer)

... Your friends ask you to over split “just for fun!”

... You have an entire drawer devoted to your dance stuff.

... You have washboard abs from those 100 sit-ups before each class.

... You own 25 pairs of shoes...but 20 of them are for dance.

... You have bigger muscles than all the boys in school. (I'm homeschooled, so I only have wimpy brothers)

...Everything you do has to do with dance.

... You promise to never stop dancing... like an energizer bunny that just keeps going.

... Your calves look like softballs because they are so big.

... You suddenly can’t count past 8

... You can learn the dances to music videos like that (snaps fingers).

...You’re disgusted when you see a picture of a dancer with pointe shoe ribbons tied up to her knees.

...You say all kinds of dance terms (in French) in front of your non dancing friends and tell them it’s a secret language. (I could if I wanted to)

...all the things you get for Christmas relate to dance.

...When you spell “point” you always mess up and spell it “pointe”

...When those ballerina Barbies irritate you because they aren’t turned out and can’t bend their arms!

...When you are walking you count your steps, but only go up to 8 and start all over again.

...Before everything you do you say 5,6,7,8

...You laugh at a non-dancer when they say their feet hurt.

...You never leave home with out your hair spray and bobby pins.

...You have fewer toenails than anybody you know.

…You can talk about ballet all day long to people that don't care.

... You stand en pointe in your shoes when talking to friends.

... Your friends say they went shoe shopping and you ask them if they got a hard or medium shank.

... You pointe you toes during pull-ups for gym class.

...When you can't sit still when you hear music.

...You lecture your friends when they draw pictures of ballerinas with pointe shoe ribbons tied up to their knees.

... You bend over to pick up something and your leg shoots up to a 180* angle.

...You don't mind when people tell you your feet stink.

...You get disgusted when you see cheerleaders because they never pointe their toes.

...Glitter is imbedded in you skin for life.

...All the boys at school are afraid of you because you can kick so high. (again, homeschooled, but both the boys in my ballet class are scared of me for that reason)

...Instead of calling rooms "rooms" you call them "studios"

...When you go to get your hair cut you tell them to cut it long enough to be able to put it in a bun.

...You consider tights a fashion accessory.

...Your computer desktop is full of pictures from your recital

...You miss more school for dance competitions/festivals/performances than your do for being sick

...You can rattle off the name of every pointe shoe brand in the dance store

...When you refer to half time of a football game as "intermission"

...You don't have to paint your toe nails...they are already pink and red
...You hair has a permanent line in it from wearing it in a ponytail. (No joke, I seriously do, even after I wash it)

...All your friends make fun of you because you always either stand in B+ or 5th position.

...You dye your hair just because it will look better on stage.

...You don't think it is that weird when a boy wears tights.

...You have memorized every color tights of they sell at the local dancewear store.

...Every song that comes on the radio you know a combo to.

...You noticed every mistake made on any dance movie or TV show.

...You have ever fallen asleep in the splits.

...You have ever said "200 sit-ups no prob."

...Your friends try to tie your feet together because you don't stop moving, EVER!

...You have more pairs of dance shoes than street shoes

...You start stretching whenever sitting on the floor

...You turn conversation to dance without noticing

...The first impression other people have on you is YOU DANCE

...You point your toes when walking

...You can't remember the last time when you weren't sore from dancing

...Everything you do has to do with dance

...When you talk about a friend being your first partner people think your being vulgar. (YES I have had a guy partner before)

...You have become attached to your pointe shoes. (It took me 10 minutes to get my pointe shoe off after ballet the other day)

...You perform well under stress.

...Your saying is... It doesn’t hurt 'till the bone shows.

...You hear classical music and your muscles start to twitch.

...Classical music comes on and the first word that pops into your head is 'dance'.

... The bell rings at school and you start to clap and then go up and thank your teacher.

... You spot while spinning in the computer chair.

I am 93% dancer!!!!! I can see the improvement, probably cause most the things that didn't apply last time, had to do with pointe, but at the time, I was taking 45 minutes of pointe per week, and now I'm taking 3 1\2 hours!


  1. Yeah, I do a lot of those things . . . LOL.

  2. I'm only 61% dancer! :-(

  3. That's OK Caro, I wasn't very much dancer when I first took this quiz to, because I hadn't done much en pointe.

    You are DEFINITELY more dancer than the average person!


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