"It's what I've always wanted to do, to show the laughter, the fun, the joy of dance." ~Martha Graham

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Job Well Done...

  As you should {hopefully} know, dance concert was yesterday! It was a blast, and I think I danced pretty well. I would show you picture if this weren't a world full of stalkers and robots, bur unfortunately it is, so I don't want to show any of them.

Anyway, I only made 2 mistakes {yay}. In the first show, during my modern dance, we had to take turns getting onstage and doing our signature lines, then run off. Well then we all run back on backwards and do the main phrase. When I was running backwards, I accidently collided with the scrim {big oops}. I just bumped into it, so I didn't fall over.

Then before the second show, the director came back to us to tell us that she wanted us to be just as full of energy before the second show as we were the first. So I pumped myself with so much energy, that when I came onstage, I gave a big forceful swing of my scarf, and accidently dropped it {little oops}.

So now for fun things that happened:

Me and a bunch of my friends went out for dinner, and me and two of my friends all wanted pizza hut, so we ordered all together. We were confused about the combos, and ended up buying 9 breadsticks, 3 Large drinks, and 3 cheese pan pizzas, when we meant to get 3 breadsticks, 3 medium drinks, and 3 cheese pan pizzas. Plus, one of them didn't think it would be enough food, so she also ordered a bean burrito! I gave 1 breadstick to another friend, but that still left us waisting half of our drinks, 4 of our breadsticks, and the bean burrito.

I somehow became the best bun maker at the theater, and so everybody wanted me to do their hair.

We played chinese freeze tag, improv dance style. We could hear the music from the different dances very clearly, so we all improved to that music, and played freeze tag.

We all played Truth or Dare [Nothing Innapropriate]. The funniest one was when my friend dared another girl to fill a cup with water and take it to the boy in the class and tell him that it was everlasting life water, and that when he drank it, he would discover his true love (the dare wasn't completed until he actually drank it). I dared a girl to do the funky chicken dance on a chair. And I had to tango with the boy in our class as a dare.

I think that it was a pretty sucsessful show :)


  1. Great! Glad it was fun and I bet you did fantastic! :)


  2. That sounds SO much fun! :-D I wish I could've seen it!


  3. I wish I was there! I'm sure you were fabulous! :)


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