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Friday, July 23, 2010

Where has posting gone?!?!?!?!

Whoops! It's been about a week and a half since I posted!!! Sorry :(

ANYWAY, Classes have been GREAT! Nothing exciting happened last week, so I'm just going to tell about this week.

The first thing we did this week, was traditional Chinese Dance. IT'S VERY HARD! We are learning a Chinese fan dance, so we have get to dance with pretty fans! In the dance, we are supposed to be pretty maidens going to town! It's a fun (but hard) dance!!! The cool thing about Chinese, is that it's the OPPOSITE of ballet. Walking the chinese dance way is especially hard! You have to walk heel-ball-toe VERY quickly!

This week only, we start earlier, so we eat lunch at the studio! It's fun! We have one boy in our group, and he showed how his Macaroni and Cheese was alive.....He's annoying.....

Then we had CAPPOEIRA!!!! IT WAS TONS OF FUN! We had a great teacher to! We learned a lot about the history of Cappoeira, and we learned a lot about the history, as well as kicks, how to slash with our knees and elbows, some dodges, AND A THROW!!! I can now officially flip my little brother over my hip and have him land in a little heap on the ground when I get angry at him. I also know how to do it gently though, so I can do it to him for fun. At the end of class, we got to battle each other, and the teacher!

We also had Brazilian music. That was fun to! We learned how to play the Berimbau! You can see a video of a guy playing it HERE. You can't see it in the video, but what he's hitting the stick against, is a steel wire. The way he makes different sounds is he holds the rock on and off the wire. He also holds something sort of like a Maraca to add to the music! (OH, and I got to play one of those drums that I said I wanted to play.)

I did end up taking the break dance class! We spent most of class trying to stand on our heads, which I couldn't do... I was really bad at the whole class, but it was fun!

We had ballet class, and another stretching class, which was pretty normal.

HOWEVER, yesterday, we had a class called Jazz choreography. We were divided into two groups, and each group got a different style of Jazz. My group got Lyrical Jazz, and the other group got Musical Theater Jazz. We had to pick music for our dance. And one of the girls in my group had her ipod with her. After we were told our assignment, two girls in my group looked at eachother and said, "WE SHOULD DO A NEED TO BREATHE SONG!!!!!" I was REALLY excited about that!!! I was afraid we would have to do a Justin Bieber song! We ended up doing Lay Em' Down, by Need to Breathe. The other group did Supercalifragileisticexbealidoscious from Mary Poppins! We had about an hour to work together and choreograph a dance. It was hard, but fun! Both my group, and the other group's dances were great!

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  1. Hey Jasmine!

    Chinese dances with fans sound fun! (But hard.) I can stand on my head for a very long time. (Until all of the pressure comes along.. lol)

    I really enjoy reading this blog.

    I just made a blog. It's www.lahawebshow.blogspot.com

    I suggest you check it out. :D



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