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Saturday, August 28, 2010

FIRST CLASS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had our first class today!!!!! It was AWESOME!!!

It was pretty typical class. Barre, stretch, center, across the floor, and pointe. For the first couple weeks, we are just doing review from 3x. I'm OK with that. Dance intensive ballet was level 3, so it's probably good to take it slow.

The way my ballet teacher teaches, is he comes up with a set of combinations for us to do. And we do the same ones every week for about 6 weeks. It might sound boring, but it really isn't.

Back to the pointe (He he, get it?), so most of the combinations we did for the last 6 weeks in 3x last year. We are doing my favorite frappe\petite battement combination, AND my favorite pirouette combination!

Sadly, I haven't gotten to see the friends that I miss the most :'( All my friends in today's class did dance intensive, so I got to see them everyday for 3 weeks!


2 days until Ballet 3 and Tap

4 days until Jazz

5 days until Modern

6 days until Ballet 3x 


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