"It's what I've always wanted to do, to show the laughter, the fun, the joy of dance." ~Martha Graham

Friday, August 6, 2010

10 Random Dance Related things about me...

                 I have hyper extended knees
     I wear a Bloch Axiom, Size 7.5, regular shank
                   I started dance when I was 4
              I have only worn 3 pink costumes

                      I have been in 13 recitals

      My favorite variation is from La Emersalda
            I've studied 8 different styles of dance
       I have only been in 1 ballet, Sleeping Beauty
        I have never owned a pair of Jazz shoes


Disclaimer: These are not my photos, and I give full credit to the owners of these photos


  1. I really like this post!! It's interesting! I wish that I could say that I've only worn 3 pink costumes... unfortunately I have worn... um.. at least 1 a year. :p

    You've never owned jazz shoes?? What do you wear for jazz??

  2. Well, the first time I took Jazz, it was "pre-jazz" and we wore ballet slippers.

    I haven't ever taken jazz other than that. I'm gonna start jazz this year though, and I'm going to get jazz shoes.

  3. Oh, awesome!! When I first started dance, I had jazz, but I was 4 and we weren't going to do a jazz dance at the recital so we just wore our ballet shoes too ;)

    I really like jazz!! You will too *cue cheesy thumbs up*

  4. I already know I will! It was a blast at summer intensive. Everybody (meaning my teacher, fellow students, and my mom) were all surprised at how good I was at the showing. Everybody thinks of me as I'm there to study ballet, and so nobody thought I would be that good at Jazz! LOL!


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