"It's what I've always wanted to do, to show the laughter, the fun, the joy of dance." ~Martha Graham

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One word.... BORED

What is my least favorite month of the year?


Why? You ask. Because it's the one month out of the whole year when I have the torture of school, but no dance.

Thankfully, dance starts in 1 WEEK AND 3 DAYS!!!!
 I'm so excited!!!! I am kind of sad that summer is over :( So until dance starts, I'm gonna tell you one awesome thing that happened over the summer every day until dance starts so......

1. I got to go to my church's annual food fight!!! Highlights of that were holding a cow's tongue and getting flicked with chocolate syrup!  


  1. I had my last pre-pointe class yesterday.. very sad. It was fun though...

    I'm not sure when dance starts for me... This year I'm taking 4 different classes. I'm going to be very busy though, with 5 xc practices and 4 dance practices a week, but I think it will be fun!!

    Although if I slip below a 95% in any class, I may have to quit. School is what needs to come first!! (This is actually just my parents way of saying they want me to be valedictorian. hehe)

    Anywho.. I just kinda rambled on there. I should make my own personal blog. But I already have LaHA.. if you wanna check that out.. hahahaha.

    Chocolate syrup?? Sounds FUN! Almost makes me want to go to church!!

    Cows tongue?? Hmm.. that'd be interesting. Did anyone eat it?



  2. NO WAY! It was raw!

    I'm taking 8 classes next year, but since I'm homeschooled, my mom makes it easy to fit both in and get really good grades!


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