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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The wait is almost over!!!!!

AND... I get the first class of the year! Saturday is the first day, and Ballet 4 is the first class on Saturday!!!

What's up with me? SCHOOL! :P 7th grade is 10x harder than 6th grade.

Currently with school, I'm LOVING pre-algebra, and general science

And.... not so fond of the world history

I'm pretty much in between for Language Arts

Well... I'm not exactly sure how I forgot to tell you guys this, but my parents made ME pay for one of my dance classes this year!!!!! Yup, I wanted to take jazz, and they said you take enough classes! If you want to take jazz, then YOU are paying for it. So I said OK. They way I'm earning the money, if by doing lots of extra chores for my parents. If I pick up extra money along the way (like when I babysit for people), I can choose if I want to add it in or not. 

So my day looks like this:

7:40- Wake up
7:45- Eat breakfast
8:15- Start School
12:00- Make lunch\ Eat lunch\ Listen to read aloud
12:45- Go back to schoolwork
2:00- USUALLY finish school work and do chores
2:30- Do EXTRA chores
4:00- BE BORED
6:30- Eat dinner
7:00- BE BORED
8:30- Read a book
9:00- Go to bed

You can probably see why I want dance to start. THAT IS THE WORLD'S BORINGEST SCHEDULE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! 


  1. Wow! You have a very short school time. 8-2?? I wish I could do that!! Pre-algebra in 7th grade? Are you one year ahead? I was in advanced math in 7th grade (3 years ahead), so I did algebra. I passed algebra with a 99% average. I did better in algebra than in pre-algebra! This year I am taking geometry, which is for 11th grade, though I am in 8th. It seems challenging.In 7th grade I took Life Science, this year I am in Physics and Chemistry. Last year in social studies I think I did.. world history?? It was on the Early Ages mostly. This year I am doing US History.

    Paying for your own dance class? WOW! Do you get an allowance? I get 20 dollars a week, but I usually don't spend much because I'm an only child and I pretty much get whatever I want... ;) I can't imagine having to pay for a dance class! How much does it cost?

    I have an hour and a half of cross country practice every day, which can be pretty exhausting. I would also advise to wear socks while wearing running shoes. I forgot running socks today, so I ran without any and my feet look worst than the worst of dance classes! Haha.. yes. learn from my fail xD

    Well... I guess that's all for today!!


  2. Hannah, since I'm homeschooled, I don't have to wait on other people to finish, or follow a specific schedule (like, Math from 8:00-9:30, Science from 9:30-10:30, etc.)

    Yes, I am 1 year ahead in math, and my brother is two years. Some people are VERY ahead is some subjects, and a little ahead in others, and some are pretty evened out. Most my schoolwork is at an 8th grade level, I'm highschool level in spelling :)

    No, I don't get any allowance. And it costs $400. I'm at about $350 right now.


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