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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Modern Music and Schedules...

As you know, I got new music for my modern comp!!! The old music was waaaay to dramatic. So here's my new (and BETTER!) music! Our showing is today (yikes!).

Also, we got our schedules for next year the other day! Here are the classes that I will be in, along with my commentary about each:

Ballet 4x: Woohoo! I moved up!

Ballet 4: I did this class this year, and I will do it again next year because it is highly recommended that you take 2 or more ballet classes a week. Maybe I'll get to do barre en pointe for this class next year.

Pointe 3: We start pirrouettes en pointe in pointe 3!!!!

Pointe 2: Once again, I already did this class this year, but I'm gonna take it again next year.

Modern 3: I did not move up in Modern this year, but I didn't think I would. Modern 4 is as high as it gets, so if I did move up, I'd be in Modern 4 for 5 years. Also, I'm the youngest in my modern class. I actually WANTED to stay in Modern 3, because all my friends were in Modern 2 last year, so most of them will be Modern 3 this year, and I LOVE the teacher for Modern 3.

Tap 3: I'm not exactly sure why I'm in tap 3, but I don't really care. If I did move up to tap 4, I wouldn't get to go to D-group (biblestudy), because it's at the same time as Tap 4.

Jazz 5: YAY! I moved up! That makes me super duper uper happy to know that I'm doing well in Jazz, since this year was my very first year.

Company 1: Well, I don't know for sure if I'm doing this, because you have to audition, but they don't normally turn people down.

Ballet 3x: If I get into Company, then I'm only gonna do this class after company is over (which is January). It will be my third year in 3x, but I don't care.


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  1. Great schedule Jasmine! I miss dance again now. :')



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