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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Year Has Come to a Close

I really can't believe dance is already over for the year! I still feel like I'm brand new to Ballet 4, while in truth, I just finished a full year! So here's for the record:

There were roughly 36 weeks of class
I took 6 classes a week this year
That means there were 216 classes for me to attend
I missed 2 classes due to Sleepovers
I came to 214\216 classes
I attended 99.07% of my classes

YAY ME!!!! LOL, I'm so humble.

As for recital preparations, here's what's going on:
Lots of rehearsals. Wednesday in particular is gonna be a little stressful. I believe that I've talked about how Pre-ballet, modern 4, and my modern class are all in the same dance. Well, we are having a rehearsal to practice stringing all the parts together. The Modern 4 teacher won't be there cause she's on her honeymoon (she got married today :)), and the Pre-ballet teacher has to work. So... Since I'm the assistant of Pre-Ballet, I'm responsible for them... I'm a teensy bit nervous about that. Modern 4 is dancing with colorguard flags, which if you get wacked with one of the flag poles, it can give you a concussion. Seriously, I'm not kidding. Examine the picture below:

(not my photo)

So I guess it'll be my modern teacher for us and modern 4 and me for Pre-ballet. Anyway, then I have a rehearsal with my Jazz class and Ballet 2 to practice Augustus Gloops getting sucked in the chocolate river, cause ballet 2 is the chocolate river. I think that one will be pretty easy. Then finally I have a rehearsal with Ballet 3 and 3x (I'm in both) to practice our dance together. That one will be fine. I'm sure of it. But anyway, now you know what's up with me.

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  1. Oh wow Jasmine you seem quite busy! Thankfully, God is by your side throughout every performance you have. :)

    I'm glad you had a great dance year! :-)


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