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Monday, May 30, 2011

TONS of Costumes

I noticed that costume posts are extremely popular, so I thought that I'd do a post with as many costumes that are being used it our show as I can. They aren't in any particular order, but I'll tell you what they are and what class is wearing it.
Tap Intro, Lollipops in the candy shop

Ballet 1, Ginerbread children in the Factory

Modern 1, Chefs that cook for Augustus Gloop when he gets his ticket

Girls Hip Hop ages 6-11, Children at the candy shop (they are dancing to "I want Candy" by Aaron Carter)

Intermediate Tap (my class!), Golden Tickets
Ballet 2, Spanish Chocolate in the Candy room in the factory

Creative Movement ages 5-7, Waitresses the bring on the food that Modern 1 makes!

Pre-ballet, Gumdrops in Pure Imagination

Modern 3&4, Pure Imagination Candy (Modern 3 has pink and orange, Modern 4 has green and yellow)

Ballet 3, Russian Candy in the factory

Ballet 3 boy, yes we have one boy in Ballet 3 and that's what he's wearing

Modern 2& Jazz 4, Oompa Loompas (Jazz 4 wears red and white, and takes care of Augustus Gloop. Modern 2 wears blue and green, and takes care of Mike TV, both classes are wearing Gaucho capris and striped socks!)


  1. Sounds awesome! :D I'd love to watch . . . sadly, I don't think we live ANYWHERE near each other! LOL!


  2. Cool!!!!!!!!!! I love the hip hop class, I was in a hip hop class once but it's over :'( I wanna do one again!

  3. Cute theme with all the candy. Actually the pre-ballet costumes were used in my recital last week

  4. Coolio, Jasmine! Ditto to Carolyn, it would be so cool to watch y'all dance! ;)



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