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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dance Fashion- Part 3, Tap\Hip Hop Attire

I apologize that part 3 is kinda lame...

So today we are gonna do Hip Hop and Tap Fashion. This is generally what I would wear for any contemporary class, but most people would use this for tap or hip hop.

A shirt. Any shirt. Any shirt AT ALL! You can wear the same shirt that you wore for school that day! I like crazy graphic t-shirts like this one!

Now for some knifty pants! Cargos and sweat pants are in right now. My favorite pants are poly\spandex but NOBODY sells them anymore!

As for Hip Hop shoes, most people wear converse these days. I LOVE converse. I especially like that you can get them in so many colors!

Finally, get a pair of cool shoe laces! Fun shoes laces are a good way to go, just so long as you save the ones that come with the shoe. That way you still have them for performances.

I hope you enjoyed my series on Dance Fashion! Hopefully I'll come up with some more great posts for the future!

P.S. Today is my little brother's 10th birthday! Woohoo! Happy Birthday Tyler! I hope you have a great 10th year and many more to come!

(these are not my pictures!)

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  1. I love converse too! <3 <3 <3 :-)

    Happy late birthday, Tyler!



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