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Sunday, May 20, 2012

The 12 Days of Recital- Day 1

Okay, so I thought it would be fun for all you non-dancers (and dancers as well!) to get to experience the most exciting time of the year for an up and coming dancer, which is THE RECITAL! In case you couldn't guess by the title, I have 12 days until my recital, so I am going to keep you filled in on my rehearsal schedule, final classes, and how I spend my days off.

So today, we had our second lead cast run through. Which means the lead cast practices the whole show from start to finish. Since our show is more of a production, it takes a lot more rehearsing then your typical dance rehearsal. We have to be able to work out all the kinks as quickly as possible, such as knowing when the traveler needs to go up and down or when certain music needs to be cut. As well as quick costume changes, set changes, or sometimes even missing parts in the storyline.

Anyway, we had our first one two weeks ago. That one was pretty rough, but I think we did pretty well this time. The director told me that I was over performing in my duet, and that I needed to be more even with my partner. I'm kind of a natural performer, I don't really think about the performance quality. I just do it, I guess it's just a part of my passion for dance.

We also practice all our class numbers. My whole class messed up the modern dance. Partially because not everyone from our class is in the cast, so it's a little bit difficult to do the dance when you are missing half of the class. I thought I did my pointe group dance very well. Possibly the best I've ever danced in pointe shoes!

I was almost late for the rehearsal, because it was scheduled for 1:00, but my church didn't get out until about 12:10. So I had 20 minutes to drive home, change into dance clothes, eat lunch, and be ready to leave again at 12:30 for rehearsal. In case you can't guess, it was a tiny bit hectic. We made it work though, and I wasn't the only girl running in from church.

Stay tuned for a new post tomorrow!

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