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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The 12 Days of Recital- Day 5

Okay, so as for yesterday with Tap, it gets worse. But I'm not gonna complain, I'm gonna be happy instead. No pointe (stupid joke) in being negative right? So I'm gonna type in yellow for this post :). As for other parts of my day, Jazz is looking great. Hopefully it will be great at the show. Also, we ran my pointe duet, and it looks AMAZING! I feel like me and my partner are doing the best we could possibly do with this dance.

So Today's schedule looks pretty clear. All I have is modern from 7:30-9:00. IT IS MY LAST DANCE CLASS OF THE YEAR! It's also my last time taking Modern 3. I did it two years in a row and I feel like it's a little bit slow now. Anywho, last class! So excited! Our dance was pretty much performance ready 3 weeks ago, and I'm getting tired of running it. One more class, four (possibly five) more rehearsals, and then THE SHOW!

Obviously, today is a pretty quiet day, so I'll tell you about what else I plan to do. Tomorrow we have a run through\dress rehearsal at the studio. So I think I will take a sharpie and labels to all my costumes, tights, and shoes and mark them with my name. For those of you who aren't dancers, what that does, is if you leave a costume backstage in the wings after a quick change, or someone accidently picks up your shoes, they can easily figure out who it belongs to.

I think I'll also stretch a bit today, as I am a little sore. When you run the same dances over and over and over again, you are working the same muscles over and over and over again. Causing you to get sore there. I also need to practice some of my routines. Mostly because I need to practice timing. Anyway, stay tuned for a new post tomorrow!

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