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Friday, May 25, 2012

The 12 Days of Recital- Day 6

Nothing much happened yesterday... other than I TOOK MY LAST DANCE CLASS OF THE YEAR! I'm done! WOOT! Anyway, we basically just practiced my modern dance a bunch. That was pretty good. It's totally ready. That's really all that happened yesterday! I know, pretty boring right? I also got all my costume pieces labeled for today, and I stretched (though I'm still sore).

As for today, we have our full costume run through. I'm kind of nervous, not sure why. I think it will be okay though. I really just need to pack all my stuff. I'll give you guys a list of all my stuff that I need to bring with me just to give you and idea of what my dance bag will be like.

  •  Jazz Costume (Dress, Shorts, Choker, Tan footed Tights, Tan Jazz Sandals)
  • Tap Costume (Dress, Flower hairpiece, Tan Footed Tights, Black tap shoes,)
  • Pointe Costume (Tutu, pink tights, Pointe shoes, Flower Hair clip)
  • Ballet Costume (Dress, Pink Tights, Ballet Slippers)
  • Duet Costume (Dress, Headband, Pink Tights, Pointe Shoes)
  • Modern Costume (Dress, Shorts, Tan footless tights)
  • Body Liner {a body liner is a skin colored leotard that goes under all costumes}
  • Hair Spray
  • Extra Hair Pins
  • Extra Bobby Pins
  • Scissors (to cut loose threads)
  • Clear Nail Polish (in case my tights run)
  • Safety Pins (In case some rips)
  • Socks (to keep my feet warm)
  • Water Bottle
  • Laundry Basket to put all that stuff in!

That's just my packing list for the rehearsal, I have a longer list for dress rehearsal, and an even longer list for the actual show!


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