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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The 12 Days of Recital- Day 8

So I already told you about what I did yesterday. And what about today? Well, I went to church, and by the way Highschool at church is AWESOME!!!! I like it much better than middle school already. Although I'm kind of sad, because there is this really fun event that they are doing where we spend a day on a house boat, and we go tubing, water skiing, and cliff jumping. Sadly I can't go because I have one dance intensive that day. I'm not SUPER excited about this intensive. I think it's gonna be really boring. It's more something I'm doing because I am dedicated, and if I want to make it into the proffesional world, than I need to spend this day doing 5 hours of Vagonava ballet. I'm not classically trained in Vagonava, I'm trained in the RAD method, which is kind of the opposite. So anyway, I would rather jump off a cliff then go to the intensive that day but sometimes you have to make sacrifices... I would still rather jump off a cliff with all my friends.

I also took my little brother to the park and we bought cherry slushies, and then we came back home. Also after I finish this post, I'm gonna make chocolate Chip Cookies. :)

As I promised yesterday, I will teach you how to steam your tutus. Here's the ever so complex picture tutorial:

Step 1: This is what your tutu looks like when you receive it...

Step 2: This is what it looks like when you take it out of the bag

Step 3: To steam it, hang it up in your bathroom, and take a super hot shower.

Step 4: This is what your tutu will look like after your shower.

Step 5: When you steamed the wrinkles out of your tutu, you also steamed out the poof, so hang it upside down until you are ready to wear it.


  1. I think I might actually do this! My show is on Wednesday :)


  2. Awesome! Good luck at your show!



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