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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The 12 Days of Recital- Day 11

Wow! I can't believe that I just have today and tomorrow to rehearse! I guess I should probably practice a lot... I feel pretty ready, which is great, cause I was a nervous wreck a week ago. :)

Yesterday's rehearsal went really well! We all received a little decoration that needs to be tacked onto our costume, and that took a long time, because the person who made them was given the wrong number for one of the classes, and so we had to get the director to come figure out what to do. So that just took a while. We ended up running a little bit over, but that didn't really matter to much. For some reason, when I started dancing that dance, I just all of a sudden felt and extra burst joy. Which is funny, because it wasn't that different from doing it at run throughs. I was just REALLY happy! I hope I feel the same way in the show. After we finished, my ballet teacher said that it was flawless! That's pretty much the best compliment to get from the teacher.

Like I said earlier, we got a little decoration to tack onto our costume, and I had to adjust my costume a little bit, so I will show you what I did. By the way, I have been tacking\adjusting all my costumes by myself since 6th grade. I think EVERYONE ages 12 and up should do all there own sewing. Costumes, straps, flowers, pointe shoe ribbons, ballet slipper elastics, etc. I know girls who are 18 and got there mom's to sew there costumes. I think that is unacceptable... Just my opinion.

This is what my costume looked like before doing anything to it. I apologize for the bad lighting. I took these pictures at 9:00 last night, and my house has bad lighting to begin with.

At the costume run-through, we were all showing a little bit to much cleavage. So the director asked us to tack our straps down so our dresses would stay up while we dance. Basically, all we did was shorten the straps, but you don't want to cut them, so we folded them over and sewed it down.

Next I had to tack the decoration on. It was a piece of tulle with a fabric leaf in the middle. So I had to tack it down in the middle of the dress, and then again at the top of each sleeve.

Here's what it looks like. The thing above the dress is our hair piece.

And here's a picture of it on. Sorry for the writing on the mirror, and the messy room. I always write my schedule on my mirror, and now you know what a dancer's bedroom looks like before recital. You can see my laundry basket that holds all my costumes, my makeup boxes, water bottle, and a pile of dance clothes behind me.

So anyway, today is pretty easy. Today is blocked out for picture day, and I never take recital pictures. However, they always like to take a lead cast picture, so I just have to show up at my studio in costume at 6:00, take my the picture, and then I can leave! So yeah, pretty easy.

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