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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The 12 Days of Recital- Day 10

No worries. Tyler didn't actually hack my blog. I just invited him to guest post for me.
So today, was back to rehearsing. We had our last run through, in full costume none the less, for the year. I think it went well. Some other people were stressed out, and I felt kind of weird about some of the parts. Overall, it was actually pretty good. Good thing to, because the show is in 3 days! EEK!
I love the ending to the show. You see, it really has meaning to it, unlike other shows where something good happens to the main character or whatever. In this show, it very nicely highlights how the Banks are a broken family, and Mary Poppins comes to mend them together. Then Mary Poppins leaves to go help another family. I wish the original movie did that better. I get slightly emotional during the run throughs when I watch the last scene. Kind of lame, I know.
Anyway, then I got to go home for a couple hours, but had to turn right around and head back to the studio for a ballet rehearsal. We did rehearsal to practice the carousel scene with all the classes together. We have Ballet 4, 4x, and 5 doing different sections of the song, and we have to make sure that it all runs smoothly. The rehearsal went very well. From my point of view, there were no concerns. Here's a picture of our costume.

So that was today, as for tomorrow, we are having an extra modern class. There will be a lot to tell about it tomorrow, so please check back tomorrow for day 11!

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