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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The 12 Days of Recital- Day 4

Another day closer... Goodness! It's getting to close!
So yesterday, I had two little rehearsals, and one long rehearsal. It started with taking a visit to the Youth Acting class. They have a little scene where they are townspeople talking to Bert. They are around 6-10 and they have to use British accents when they talk. Very cute. During there scene, I have to run through and chase Jane and Michael around. So anyway, I got to come visit their class to practice with them.
After I went to acting, I went back to the waiting area to find out that one of the girls' mom had brought fruit and ice cream to celebrate the last week. Food is truly the love language of the dancers in our company.
After enjoying some ice cream, we went into Jazz 5 to practice our dance with them. We have the same song, but come in and dance on different parts. At the end we all come together and finish the dance. Pretty simple.
After Jazz was Modern rehearsal. We are combined with Modern 3 (I'm modern 4) for this dance, so a few weeks ago, we started only working on the dance in Modern 3. On Wednesdays for Modern 4, we have regular class.
Our dance for Modern is AMAZING. We are doing Temper Temper from the musical "Mary Poppins" and we are wearing our oh-so-fierce purple unitards that we wore for our ballet number in our dance concert.
Our teacher did such an amazing job with our choreography, and everyone loves the dance. When you love a dance, you put everything you have into it which makes it great. I'm pretty sure that this dance will be the highlight of the show.
Now for today's schedule. Today is a really easy day. The only thing I have is modern class this afternoon. That's it! Since today is so empty, I will do a lot of tacking and adjusting costumes, and maybe a little bit of extra stretching\conditioning. Like I said, pretty low key day today.
Be sure to check back tomorrow for Day 5!

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