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Monday, May 20, 2013

The 12 Days of Recital- Day 2

Hey guys! Thanks for coming back another day! So we are down to 11 days left, and I'm super excited! Today's schedule is a pretty simple day. This morning I got up and went to the dance studio around 10:30  to practice my dances and some turns. Then at 11:30 I helped teach Creative Movement. I came home around 12:30 and I ate lunch and did some school. It is 1:20 right now, and after I finish this blog post, I will do stretching, and work on my feet. At 3:00 I have to go back to dance for pointe class at 3:30. When pointe class is done at 5:00 I have a 2 hour break to eat and hang out with friends. Then I have tap class at 7:00 and I will get home around 8:30.
So I had my last day with my little babies in Creative Movement today. They are all sweet kids, whom I will miss tremendously. Before class got done, I said something like "You know girls,  today is our last class", and one of the girls replied with "I'm going to miss you! I loved you as a teacher!" My heart melted... So in honor of these children, here is a word about them.
Lucy, I will miss your pretty pointed feet
Grace, I will miss hearing all of your stories
Chloe, I will miss your elaborate list of butterfly colors
Anna, I will miss your near-perfect leaps
Lilly, I will miss your random impulses to act like a frog.
Elizabeth, I will miss when you pronounce "trois" (the French word for three) "twelf"
Eva, I will miss your giggles every time we say "Bras Bas"
Katherine, I will miss when you yell "Sharp, Sharp, Melt"
Check back tomorrow for day 3!

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