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Thursday, May 23, 2013

The 12 Days of Recital- Day 5

Hey guys! Sorry I this didn't get posted till late... I got busy cleaning my room..
So today's schedule was school and chores until about 2:00 when I got ready for dance. Then around 3:30, I left with to go to Walmart. I had to pick up a T-shirt for one of my costumes, candy and cards for my Tap 2 kiddos, and more candy for my dance "little sister". In our companies at dance, the Senior Company draws names of the Junior Company girls to be our "sister" and we exchange gifts at Christmas, and cards and candy at performances as well as just watch out for them and answer questions and such.
So after Walmart I headed to the studio to help out with my Creative Movement kids. On Thursdays I have the Kindergarteners and they are such sweethearts. I love those little ladies so much, and it's been such an honor to teach them. I'm crossing fingers that I will get assigned to the first grade class next year so that I can have them again. :)
Then I ate dinner and talked to a friend of mine. We were designing an extremely fancy basement that we would build underneath the dance studio so that we could live there. I'm pretty sure it had somewhere near 40 different floors, including a ball pit, Disney World, Smoothie King, Indoor Skydiving, and Forever 21... LOL
Then I subbed my friends hiphop class that she assists, I'm not a hiphop dancer. But it's okay, because it's for ages 6-8, so I can handle it. Those kids are really cute to, they are cheerleaders cheering for the horse race in the recital.
Finally I had my ballet class, and it was very good. Our ballet teacher was gone today, so the same teacher that subbed for us on Monday subbed again today. That was awesome though, because I really like that teacher.
So that's about it for tonight, check back tomorrow for Day 6!

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